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Anguilla – A Natural Haven

We all love beaches: soft sand, crisp air, and salty refreshing water is a must for a relaxing retreat. Anguilla, a small and mighty Caribbean island, has beaches aplenty—33 to be exact. Anguilla offers more than just sand and sun: if you’re looking for a little more activity beyond the island’s pristine beaches and delightful delicacies, take advantage of the many nature and wildlife hikes on the small island.

Posted on Mon, Oct 1st, 2018 2:50 pm by news services

The Anguilla National Trust (ANT), a non-profit mandated to protect and preserve the island’s natural and cultural heritage offers a wide variety of activities to truly experience and understand Anguilla. ANT offers guided walking tours and nature hikes for all ages and abilities. This gives you the opportunity to learn about local culture, see some hidden gems and scenic outlooks, and catch a glimpse of Anguilla’s wildlife, like upside-down jellyfish, iguanas and sea turtles. Yes, sea turtles. Who doesn’t love sea turtles?

Speaking of sea turtles, why not join the turtle patrol? Operating nightly in September and October, you’ll follow expert guides along several beaches in search of turtle nests, learning about the three endangered sea turtle species endemic to Anguilla. Definitely an experience to remember!

If, for some reason, you prefer your walks turtle-free, ANT’s West End to Barnes Bay hike may be right up your alley. The hike runs along the Northwest coastline, traversing tidal pools, beaches and low-lying scrubs. For those looking for a little more adventure, optional rock-climbing is on offer when the tides allow. This tour also brings you to Anguilla’s iconic arch and gets you a little face-to-face time with some local iguanas. 

Hiking with ANT is as affordable as it is fun, and it’s good for you while supporting a local non-profit (and sea turtles). A win for all involved!