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Canada: A ton of wisdom in a simple bookmark

By Paul Knowles

There’s a unique quirk to the business of travel writing: free stuff. No other kind of journalism involves getting free stuff. Nobody but a travel writer will come home from an assignment with a new backpack, a golf shirt, a logoed sweater. Travel writers do. Not surprisingly, it’s one of the things I like about that part of my job.

Canada: A successful search for human intelligence

By Paul Knowles

If you search for the phrase, “human intelligence”, you’ll find this on Wikipedia: “Through their intelligence, humans possess the cognitive abilities to learn, form concepts, understand, apply logic, and reason.” (Photo: Geraint Wy Davies and Lucy Peacock… brilliantly funny)

Canada: Saving Castle Kilbride

By Paul Knowles (First published in Metroland Community Newspapers)

Twenty five years later, was it worth the effort? Absolutely! 

Canada: Inching my way toward important art

By Paul Knowles

“Don’t worry,” they said. “There are ropes,” they said. Well, yes. Sort of.
I was with a small group of travel writers, on the north shore of Lake Superior. Our destination was Lake Superior Provincial Park, home of the fascinating Agawa Rock pictographs – 17th and 18th century paintings on rocks beside the largest of the Great Lakes.
Did I want to see them? Of course!

Canada: My own footstep on the moon

By Paul Knowles (first published in The New Hamburg Independent)

(Photo:  “Your Way Begins on the Other Side”, by Aisha Kalid; Photo by Paul Knowles)

On July 20, 1969, a man named Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon.
On March 9, 2019, a man named Paul Knowles set foot on the moon. Well, let’s be honest, here – I actually stood on a Plexiglas circle set into the floor, in the centre of which was a three-inch piece of moon rock.


Canada: Yes, in your back yard! (First published in The Mitchell Advocate)

By Paul Knowles

In the staycation era, there’s lots to do in Perth County, Ontario, Canada.

Canada: Low-cost flights to Ireland take off from Hamilton

By Paul Knowles (first published in

Norwegian takes off from Hamilton Airport, with one-way flights to Dublin starting at $209. (Photo: street musicians at Bunratty in Ireland)

Canada: Rural areas important in regional tourism promotion

By Paul Knowles (first published in The New Hamburg Independent and other Metroland community newspapers)

When the Waterloo Regional Tourism Marketing Corporation invites visitors to “Explore Waterloo Region,” the invitation really means what it says – explore the whole region. Minto Schneider, who is CEO of the corporation, told the Independent that the townships are a key part of the tourism sell that her agency promotes.

(Photo: The John A. statue, part of the Prime Ministers Path at Castle Kilbride)

Canada: Stratford Festival announces casting for 2019 season

By news services

Tickets go on sale to Members beginning November 11; The box office opens to the public on January 4.

Canada: New Permanent Exhibition Elsie through the eyes of... Opens at Les Jardins de Métis

By news services

Grand-Métis -  Les Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens opened for the 2018 summer season on Saturday, June 2 with a special focus on the gardens’ creator, Elsie Reford. The new permanent exhibition Elsie through the eyes of… opens in the historic Estevan Lodge. The exhibition explores the fascinating story of Elsie Reford, a life that was rich and unusual. One of the leading women of her time, with grand ideas for society and many ambitious projects to her credit, the exhibition offers an opportunity to discover this and much more.

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