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By Chelsea Nemec

“Heroes at Highclere” Event Sponsorship and Exclusive Video Content Offer New Opportunities to Experience “The Real Downton Abbey”

United Kingdom: Travel advice for older visitors to the UK

By news services

Whether you’ve just started planning your trip or have already booked up, the following guide created by straight stairlift retailer, Acorn Stairlifts (, will provide you with some inspiration when it comes to creating your itinerary. (Photo: The Eden Project)

United Kingdom: Life in Bronze Age Britain

By Historic England

Archaeologists excavating at least five 3,000 year old circular wooden houses on stilts in the East Anglian fens have pieced together the daily lives of a Late Bronze Age (1000 - 800BC) community through a number of extraordinary finds. The 10 month excavation, which is now coming to an end, has revealed how Bronze Age houses were constructed, what household goods they had, what they ate and how their clothes were made.
The specialist team working at the site, known as 'Must Farm' at Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire have uncovered the finest collection of Bronze Age fabrics and one of the largest collections of Bronze Age glass ever found in Britain.  

(Photo: An array of household items, including whole pots. Some pots were found with the charred remains of 3,000 year old food still in them. © Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU), photo Dave Webb)

United Kingdom: Communion, on a trek across England

By Paul Knowles

(This is an earlier draft of an article published in edited form in The United Church Observer). At times, it felt like our tour bus was a time machine, as we hop-scotched our way across the south of England, touching down at key historic sites between Kent and Cornwall.

United Kingdom: Behind the scenes of Bond

By news services

The premiere of SPECTRE in Canada is set for November 6, and as we turn to the latest film in the James Bond franchise, we retrace Bond and the rest of the cast's footsteps at iconic and historic film locations in Britain.

United Kingdom: A pilgrimage along fairways: playing St. Andrews is almost a spiritual experience for golfers

By Paul Knowles (first published in Forever Young)

Our tee time in the New Course was booked for 9:30 a.m. the following day, but naturally, we could not wait that long to plant our feet on the grass of St. Andrews Links. Minutes after we drove into town, we dumped our bags in our rooms at the Russell Hotel, and walked the single block to the first tee of the Old Course, and thence to pose for photos on the iconic Swilcan Bridge. We were not alone. The streets of this fabled Scottish city were full of men (and a few women) with visions of golfing majesty shining in their eyes. It was like being at the end of a religious pilgrimage – but with more single malt Scotch, and odder clothing. (Photo - the author and golf buddy John Hanson on the Swilcan Bridge)

United Kingdom: 7 New Discoveries about Stonehenge

By Historic England

Stonehenge and its surrounding landscape have seen an unprecedented amount of research in the last decade. One of the most significant strands of this has been Historic England's survey of the stones, the surrounding earthworks and the hidden archaeology. This research has involved a combination of non-intrusive techniques – analytical survey of upstanding monuments and buildings, aerial photography, lidar and geophysical survey, and, laser scanning. At the same time several universities have been carrying out independent research, involving international co-operation. All this has allowed us to develop a new appreciation of the Stonehenge landscape, not only in its Neolithic and Bronze Age heyday but from early prehistory to the present day. Here are seven surprising new discoveries: (Photo by Nancy Knowles)

United Kingdom: The Gobbins opens for dramatic cliff walks!

By news services

Visitors to Northern Ireland's famous Causeway Coastal Route now have the opportunity to experience an exhilarating walk to awaken the senses, above crashing waves on a spectacular cliff path over the Irish Sea. The Gobbins coastal walk experience, first enjoyed in 1902 by the Edwardians has now opened the doors to a modern cliff path to delight those who wish to experience the coast up close.

United Kingdom: Sherlock Holmes - Explore exhibitions, film locations and favourite haunts of the great fictional detective

By Cathy Stapells

As October welcomes the 'Sherlock Holmes: The man who has never lived and will never die' exhibition at the Museum of London (running between October 17 2014 – April 12 2015), now is an ideal time to dust off the magnifying glass to explore the atmospheric locations in Britain that inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his stories of the great detective.

United Kingdom: Getting "burned" on the Old Course

By Paul Knowles

The world is divided into two kinds of people: golfers and non-golfers. To identify which side of the divide someone is on, try the phrase: "I just played the Old Course in St. Andrews." (Photo: the author, right, and friend on the first tee on the Old Course).

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