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Robin Hood in Sherwood

By news services

There are a quiver full of Robin Hood sites in Nottinghamshire.


Robin Hood chronicles the life of the expert archer and his gang of Merry Men whose lethal mercenary skills are matched only by their appetite for life. The highly anticipated film starring Russell Crowe, as the fearless outlaw himself, is joined by Lady Marion (Cate Blanchett) in theatres May 14, 2010. Relive the adventure in Nottinghamshire, 'Robin Hood Country,' where you will find reminders of the intrepid hero all around.
Don't miss Robin Hood's famed hide-out in Sherwood Forest, the Major Oak. According to local folklore, the hollow trunk of this 800 year old oak tree was once Robin Hood's secret hide-out.
Unsurprisingly, Nottinghamshire's full of places linked to the legend of Robin Hood. But these seven locations are the ones you'd be mad to miss. If you're only staying in Notts for a day or two then they should be top of your list.

Nottingham Castle - home to the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin's arch enemy.

Thieves Wood & Fountain Dale - an appropriate name for the popular haunt of robbers and highwaymen. Take a walk to historic Fountain Dale where Robin first met Little John and Friar Tuck.

Rufford Abbey Country Park - learn about Robin's rebellion against the Church and his many antics in Robin Hood and the Monk.

Sherwood Forest Country Park - need we say more? Robin's favourite hide out and home to the ancient Major Oak.

King John's Palace - a secluded palace and hunting lodge popular with the King.

Edwinstowe - a place of romance for Robin and Marian. Visit St Mary's - the church in which they exchanged wedding vows.

Clumber Park - once the heart of the royal forest and a good hunting spot for Robin and his band of Merry Men. Take the Clumber Walk around one of the most ancient woodland sites in Notts .
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