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7 Cruise Itineraries to Ethereal Locations Where Legends That Transcend Time Were Born

By news services

Making a Spiritual Pilgrimage in the Caribbean and the Americas by Cruise Ship


In a three part series, CruiseCompete is providing information on worldwide pilgrimage locations that consistently draw travelers in with their history and mystique – all accessible by cruise ship. This third segment touches on locations in the Caribbean, North America and South America. To read more about worldwide locations, please visit:

In Europe:
1. Site of the Virgin Mary's reported apparitions, a pilgrimage site for over 150 years...Bordeaux, France: Lourdes
2. A monastery that was built only at night to avoid alerting the Ottomans – its guest rooms that have hosted the Prince of Wales...Bucharest, Romania: Hurezi Monastery
3. Aachen is Europe's oldest cathedral and 32 holy Roman emperors were crowned here. It is also home to Charlemagne's throne...Cologne, Germany: Aachen Cathedral. Cologne also houses the Shrine of the Three Kings, where the sarcophagus is rumored to hold the remains of Mechoir, Balthazar and Caspar, the three wise men who traveled to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus.
4. Megalithic mound, 5300 years old – believed to be burial ground for pagan rulers. It is older than Stonehenge or the Pyramids...Dublin, Ireland: Newgrange
5. This holy well, built around 1500, is legendary for healing...Holyhead, Holywell, Wales: St Winefride's Well
6. Almost 100 years ago, in 1917, apparitions of the Virgin Mary appeared to three children here...Lisbon, Portugal: Our Lady of Fatima
7. Hundreds of stone columns, "Europe's most magnificent Muslim monument"...Madrid, Spain: Mezquita
8. D-Day Memorial to fallen soldiers...Beaches of Normandy, France: Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial
9. Legendary home of the Sancta Camisa (part of Mary's shawl worn at Jesus' birth.). This cathedral also has 28,000 feet of stained glass...Paris, France: Chartres Cathedral
10. Site of a two-mile pilgrimage across a tidal flat, done to draw strength from Archangel Michael...Paris, France: Mont–St.–Michael
11. Sacred stone site in England. Its true purpose remains unknown...Southampton, England: Stonehenge

In the Mediterranean:
12. Where Moses is reputed to have received the 10 Commandments...Cairo, Sinai Peninsula: Mt Sinai/St. Catherine's Monastery
13. The site where Jesus chose his apostles and performed miracles...Haifa, Nazareth / Galilee (Haifa), Israel: Sea of Galilee (Lake Tiberius)
14. A mosque built in 1609 with more than 20,000 tiles and 260 stained glass windows...Istanbul, Turkey: Blue Mosque
15. Said to be Jesus' birthplace, this cave (the former barn and manger) hosts the Altar of the Nativity...Jerusalem, Bethlehem: Cave of the Nativity
16. One of Judaism's sacred sites, it was built in 515 B.C. and was intended as the final resting place of the Ark...Jerusalem, Israel: Western Wall
17. This church is known as the place Jesus' body was prepared for burial...Jerusalem, Israel: Holy Sepulchre Church
18. This site hosts a cluster of museums and monuments in remembrance of the Holocaust...Jerusalem, Israel: Yad Veshem
19. 103 mentions in the bible; 330 trees that are over 1,000 years old...Tripoli, Lebanon: Cedars of God Lebanon
20. Site where St Francis received his stigmata – Mount La Verna...Livorno, Italy: Chapel of the Stigmata
21. Home to Tombs of Pharaohs of the New Kingdom ? Tutankhamun, also known as for King Tut, is buried there... Luxor, Egypt: Valley of the Kings
22. St. John allegedly wrote the book of Revelation here...Rhodes, Greece: the Cave of the Apocalypse
23. Tuscan medieval abbey from 1218 (Ruins) and site of "Sword in the Stone" left by Galgano...Rome, Italy: Abbazia Di San Galgano
24. Home of Michelangelo's Pieta ? the Pope delivers the Angelus blessing every Sunday at St. Peter's square...Rome, Italy: St. Peter's Basilica

Asia/Far East Cruises Visit:
1. A gravity-defying monastery built into the side of a sheer cliff... Beijing, China: Hanging Monastery

2. Geothermal region with reputed medicinal powers... Beppu, Japan: Beppu Onsen

3. World peace monument, dedicated to a young girl who died of radiation poisoning from the bombing of Hiroshima... Hiroshima, Japan: Peace Memorial Park

4. Three oceans unite here, and the Ghandi Memorial was constructed where his ashes were on display before being cast out to sea... (Kochi) Kanyakumari, India: Ghandi Memorial

5. Ornate temples cut from hillside rock by followers of three faiths?Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism... Mumbai, India: Ajanta and Ellora caves

6. Follow in Confucius' footsteps by climbing 6,000+ stone steps to the mountain home of Yu Ti, Taoist king of heaven... Qingdao, Tai Shan, China: Tai Shan Dai Mai Complex

7. A three-day festival where South Korea capital Seoul hosts a birthday party for Buddha every year... Shanghai, South Korea: Lotus Lantern Festival

8. This Mountain is sacred in Shintoism and Buddhism and every year more than 200,000 hike to the top... Shimizu, Japan: Mt Fuji

9. This temple is sacred to Taoists and Confucianists and sits over the waters of Sun Moon Lake... Taipei, China/Taiwan: Wenwu Temple

10. In the midst of the jungle, 2,000 temples and pagodas from the Burmese empire, built over 1,000 years ago... Yangon, Myanman: Bagan

Middle East Cruises Visit:
11. A 2000-year-old city carved out of sandstone... Aqaba, Jordan: Petra

Caribbean Cruises Visit:

1. National Hindu street festival (the Festival of Light) that takes place annually in October or November. Bridgetown, Trinidad and Tobago: Diwali.

North America Cruises Visit:

2. Resting place for 300,000 American servicemen and servicewomen. Baltimore, Virginia: Arlington National Cemetery

3. This is Mexico's three-day "death" festival – a celebration of life. Huatulco, Mexico: Day of the Dead

4. Memorial museum on the ruins of the World Trade Center. New York, New York: Ground Zero

South America Cruises Visit:

5. Isla Del Sol and Isla Del La Luna are ancient holy sites of the Inca; and home to the "Fountain of Youth." Copacabana, South America: Islands of the Sun and Moon.

6. Famed rock carvings in various stages of completion. Easter Island, South Pacific: Easter Island.

7. Sacred Incan city and valley in the Andes. Lima, Peru: Machu Picchu/ Sacred Valley of the Inca.

The sites in the Caribbean, North America and South America are but a sampling of cruise-accessible locations. To read more information on worldwide locations, please visit