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Continental Europe

A surprising find in a small Swiss town

By Paul Knowles (First published in the New Hamburg Independent and other Metroland community newspapers)

We small-town Canadians have a lot to learn about how to nurture and celebrate arts and culture. As a guy who has been deeply involved in this field for many years – as a writer, as an arts presenter, and as a volunteer on arts organizations – it’s tempting to throw a few stones at targets around the region. (All photos by Nancy Knowles; shown, the town's original Van Gogh)


Stratford Festival announces casting for 2019 season

By news services

Tickets go on sale to Members beginning November 11; The box office opens to the public on January 4.

Continental Europe

Giving peace a chance, in 2018

By Paul Knowles

John Lennon said some pretty smart things. Like, “All you need is love,” and “give peace a chance”.  And while John died 38 years ago in a tragedy that involved neither love nor peace, I still have to believe he was right. 

United States

Luxury to the max (first published in Forever Young)

By Paul Knowles

Nemacolin offers an over-the-top golf and spa getaway. (All photos by Nancy Knowles)

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