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Villa Stephanie at Brenners Park-Hotel Baden-Baden, Germany

An enforced wind-down of the highest order

Posted on Thu, Sep 28th, 2017 11:05 am by news services

For anyone whose pace of life feels overwhelming, the prospect of a stay at this five-star pit stop is the equivalent of winning the health lottery. Villa Stéphanie, the little sister of the plush grande dame Brenners Park-Hotel, is somewhere to have a proper break.
The 15-bedroom sanctuary is highly modern and elegantly pared-back. But the smartness of the interiors is beside the point. This is a place for the overwrought to hand in their phone and laptop, to press the button in their room that disables Wi-Fi, and to allow themselves to truly disconnect. A sense of detachment for a few days is potentially enough for some people to take stock and slow their racing heart rate.
But for the more anxious, there is much more on offer. There are no group sessions, tree-hugging activities or finding yourself through art programmes here. This state-of-the-art medical facility handholds you through a 360-degree assessment of your wellbeing. The facilities are spanking new, with cardiologists, gynaecologists, physiotherapists, ophthalmologists and aesthetic dentists all on tap.
Dr Harry König, who leads the squad, even offers pig-stem-cell rejuvenation therapies. Every treatment is administered by someone at the top of their respective game. It's the Formula 1 of check-ups.
A morning with Dr Ulf Pietzcker in his gigantic Starship Enterprise-esque office involves an all-encompassing schedule of examinations. Next come the alternative therapies to address stress and fatigue, and a general maintenance programme to work into your own routine back at home.
But it's not all clinical procedures and hard-edged hospital beds. There are bespoke Sisley facials, and massages and stretching sessions are prescribed as a necessity rather than just an indulgence, always with the same therapist for consistency.
Even the most highly strung guests will be coerced into surrendering to the process and enjoying their recuperation. There is time to rest, but there's also lots of activity in the form of yoga, kickboxing and mental training, which leaves you as energised and clear headed as a stay here does.
This isn't a spa that takes you apart before putting you back together, no tasteless broths, impatient nurses or ill-fitting gowns - just pampering with purpose.