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State of Yucatan - The 17th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Mérida, Yucatan is just one month away with its opening ceremony to be launched on September 19, 2019. This marks the first time Mexico will host the summit in its 20-year history. A recognition of Mexico's place in the global peace process. 27 Nobel Peace Laureates winners and representatives of organizations that have been awarded the Prize have already confirmed their attendance.

Posted on Mon, Aug 26th, 2019 10:23 am by news services

The theme of the 17th World Summit was revealed earlier this year as "Leave Your Mark for Peace". Among a wide range of global challenges that will be addressed, special attention will be paid to the legacy of a great Mexican hero and Nobel Peace Laureate, Ambassador Alfonso Garcia Robles.

Additionally, e place in Yucatan, home of the Maya civilization, the World Summit will also address the needs of Indigenous peoples of the Americas, especially the Maya. The Maya culture has prompted many to have a new relationship with the Earth. Along with some pressing issues that will be discussed at the Summit, special attention will be given to the role of the Rule of Law in the Protection of Human Rights and Sustainable Development.

The impact of the Summit is especially important to the participants and organizers. This year, promoting peace education among youth and children is significantly important. The government of the State of Yucatan is working on partnering with the board of directors of the Summit and integrating peace education in schools. This will bring tremendous hope for change by teaching generations love, peace, tolerance, compassion and help them become strong confident leaders.

Mauricio Vila Dosal, the Governor of the State of Yucatan said: "We are very happy to receive the Summit, along with the recognition that this means for the efforts of all Yucatecans to build a peaceful and safe state. For four days, all eyes will turn to Mexico, and particularly to the State of Yucatan. Thus, this Summit will be an unparalleled opportunity to show why Yucatan is the best place to visit, invest and live throughout Mexico. This Summit will become one of the most important events that Mexico has received in recent decades."

The Minister of Tourism of the State Yucatan, Michelle Fridman Hirsch added: "In Yucatan we are very proud to host the 17th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, such an important event that brings together great activists, students, opinion leaders and social leaders from around the world, in search of the same goal: World Peace. It will certainly be a unique experience, not only for Yucatan, but for Mexico. We aim to be a great host of this Summit, proving that the State of Yucatan is not only a great tourist destination and a host of events of any scale, but also a benchmark for peace and an example of good practices. We are convinced that both attendees and spectators of the Summit from around the world, will fall in love with Yucatan and its cultural, history, gastronomic, natural and tourist wonders "

The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates traditionally includes a variety of different events and activities with a focus on the following: panel discussions open to the public, youth education program for university students and young professionals and cultural activities for all. This year's main panel discussion will be focused on Mexican legacy and world peace-related topics: peace education in families and domestic violence; empowerment of women towards equality; empowerment of men towards integrity and competence; empowering youth towards an environment of freedom; productivity and sustainability and economic growth and immigration; empowerment of indigenous cultures; demographic challenges; traditional and social media responsibility in peacekeeping; ways of achieving a nuclear-weapons-free world; the rule of law and international cooperation; and, the importance of peace education at schools.

Among the highlights of the supporting cultural activities of this year's summit are the Peace Fair and the "Yucatan for Peace" Concert with the performance of great artist and philanthropist Ricky Martín, who
responded enthusiastically to the invitation to attend the "Yucatan for peace" concert. The Yucatan for Peace concert will be held at the Motherland Monument on Saturday, September 21, to celebrate International Peace Day.

In addition, the Summit will also feature film screening activities, artistic performances by local talent, including the Yucalpeten Symphony Orchestra, the Folkloric Ballet, and multiple thematic forums will be held where prominent personalities in technology, music, sports and journalism will be present, such as Miguel Bosé, Martha Debayle, Diego Luna, Rafa Marquez, Paola Rojas, Yuriria Sierra, Karla Iberia Sánchez and chef Enrique Olvera, to name a few, who will have the opportunity to discuss with the presence of some of the Laureates, the different ways to include Peace in diverse social sectors.