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Continental Europe: Five countries, fifteen days, innumerable adventures and infinite delight

By Paul Knowles

Travel journalism is supposed to be an objective pursuit; a credible travel article should deal with the good and the less than good. The quandary is, when it comes to our 15-day, Budapest to Amsterdam river cruise, there is nothing to criticize. It was the travel highlight of our lives. To add a soupçon of credibility – our newly-met travelling companions on our Viking River Cruises' Grand European Tour agreed, to a person. (Photo: Chain Bridge in Budapest; photo by Nancy Knowles)


By Martha Chapman

First-Class Rail Vacations by Monograms: From north to south and heel to toe, Italy delivers ancient cities, seaside villages and rolling vineyards. It's home to the Roman Empire and birthplace to the Renaissance. A place where you can stand in the presence of Michelangelo's David and da Vinci's Last Supper. Italy is also home to more UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites than any other country on the globe. This is a place that needs to be explored, ventured through and seen.

Continental Europe: It's all about the taste

By Paul Knowles

Viking River Cruise visits Bordeaux's wine districts


By Mario Almonte

New York, NY - European Waterways has announced a new Wine Appreciation theme charter cruise aboard the 8-passenger hotel barge Rosa, which cruises the Canal de Garonne through Bordeaux in France. This "voyage of discovery" for oenophiles through one of the world's greatest wine-growing regions will feature private tours and tastings at some long-established wineries producing grand cru and premier cru wines, such as Château Beau-Sejour-Becot near the famous town of Saint-Emilion, itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Continental Europe: 10 Reasons to Travel to Italy in the Off-Season

By The Experts at Homebase Abroad

While many travelers have limited vacation days or are restrained by school schedules and work, those who some have flexibility in their travel plans and can travel in the off-season can enjoy a more authentic experience, no matter where they choose to go.

Continental Europe: Bellinzona – with the new railway connection, the capital becomes a gateway to Ticino

By Jutta Ulrich

The official handover of the new Gotthard base tunnel from the developers AlpTransit Gotthard AG to the Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen (abbreviated as SBB), took place on June 1st, 2016. Scheduled services through the longest railway tunnel in the world with its 57km will commence punctually on December 11th, 2016. The faster train connection's first stop to Switzerland's sunny basin will be Bellinzona. The capital city of the Canton with its awe-inspiring legacy of castles, towers, defensive walls and palaces therefore becomes a gateway to Ticino. Ten reasons why it's really worthwhile to visit Bellinzona.

Continental Europe: A 0-star hotel in Switzerland

By news services

The airiest hotel room can be found in the Safien Valley. You will sleep in a bed, but still under the open sky.

Continental Europe: Spot the giant! Game of Thrones® mythical characters appear in Ulster Museum

By Jocelyn Black

The latest element of Tourism Ireland's 2016 Game of Thrones® campaign has been revealed – and this time it involves a painting in the Ulster Museum which has been re-imagined to include mythical characters from the world of Game of Thrones®.

Continental Europe: Croatia Makes Its Debut with Peter Sommer Travels: September Gulet Journey Showcases Spectacular Dalmatian Coast

By Peggy Bendel

Monmouth, UK, --The spectacular Dalmatian coast of Croatia has become the newest destination offered by archaeological and cultural tour specialist Peter Sommer Travels, with a new eight-day yacht expedition between Split and Dubrovnik to debut in September.

Continental Europe: In a Galaxy not so Far Away...Ireland Feels 'The Force'

By news services

An island off Ireland's south west coast is wowing audiences at screenings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Unveiled in the film's closing minutes, this closely guarded secret ending to Episode 7 was filmed in September 2014 on Skellig Michael Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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