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Continental Europe: A complicated icon

By Paul Knowles

As Protestants celebrate a milestone anniversary, the writer ventures to Germany in search of the real Martin Luther. (First published in edited form in The United Church Observer). (All photos by Nancy Knowles)

Continental Europe: European Waterways ‘Pops the Bubbly’ on Hotel Barge Cruise Menus To Reflect Culinary Traditions of France’s Champagne Region

By Andrew Stevens

Champagne Cruise Itineraries Include an Exclusive Tasting at the Hilltop Village of Hautvillers, Where Dom Perignon Discovered the 'Methode Champenoise'.

Continental Europe: Cognac workshop the highlight of Bordeaux experience

By Paul Knowles

Beside my keyboard, as I write this, there is a snifter containing a unique Cognac. It sits next to an elegant wooden box with a brass clasp. The box is labeled “Camus: Maison Familiale Depuis1863”. Inside the box is the 50 cl bottle, bearing the label “PMK”, and its unique code – 15-07-108. Oh yes, it also lists the details of the blend – 60% from the Camus vineyard in Borderies, 20% Fins Bois, 10% Petite Champagne, 10% Grande Champagne, each a different – although neighbouring – “cru”. A perfect blend, to my way of thinking. Of course, I am biased – the “PMK” on the label are my initials; this unique bottle of Cognac is my own, personal blend, the end result of the highlight of a trip to Bordeaux, France – a “Master Blender” workshop at Camus, the largest independent and family-owned Cognac House.

Continental Europe: Outside of our comfort zone

By Paul Knowles (first published in the New Hamburg Independent)

Let me make it clear, right off the top, that it is a terrific assignment. I’ve been asked to write a major feature for the United Church Observer about Martin Luther, on this 500th anniversary of the Reformation. This meant I was sent to walk in Luther’s footsteps in Germany for a week, trying to learn everything I could while we were there. It’s a great gig.


Continental Europe: “Stay open-minded. Stay with us.”

By Paul Knowles (first published in The United Church Observer)

When the Vienna Tourist Board’s Helena Hartlauer told some lunching and munching media about a new hotel in her Austrian city, no one was surprised. A travel rep promoting an accommodation facility? That’s her job. What was surprising, though, was absolutely everything else about the Magdas Hotel, whose apt motto is, “Stay open-minded. Stay with us.”

Continental Europe: Five countries, fifteen days, innumerable adventures and infinite delight

By Paul Knowles

Travel journalism is supposed to be an objective pursuit; a credible travel article should deal with the good and the less than good. The quandary is, when it comes to our 15-day, Budapest to Amsterdam river cruise, there is nothing to criticize. It was the travel highlight of our lives. To add a soupçon of credibility – our newly-met travelling companions on our Viking River Cruises' Grand European Tour agreed, to a person. (Photo: Chain Bridge in Budapest; photo by Nancy Knowles)


By Martha Chapman

First-Class Rail Vacations by Monograms: From north to south and heel to toe, Italy delivers ancient cities, seaside villages and rolling vineyards. It's home to the Roman Empire and birthplace to the Renaissance. A place where you can stand in the presence of Michelangelo's David and da Vinci's Last Supper. Italy is also home to more UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites than any other country on the globe. This is a place that needs to be explored, ventured through and seen.

Continental Europe: It's all about the taste

By Paul Knowles

Viking River Cruise visits Bordeaux's wine districts


By Mario Almonte

New York, NY - European Waterways has announced a new Wine Appreciation theme charter cruise aboard the 8-passenger hotel barge Rosa, which cruises the Canal de Garonne through Bordeaux in France. This "voyage of discovery" for oenophiles through one of the world's greatest wine-growing regions will feature private tours and tastings at some long-established wineries producing grand cru and premier cru wines, such as Château Beau-Sejour-Becot near the famous town of Saint-Emilion, itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Continental Europe: 10 Reasons to Travel to Italy in the Off-Season

By The Experts at Homebase Abroad

While many travelers have limited vacation days or are restrained by school schedules and work, those who some have flexibility in their travel plans and can travel in the off-season can enjoy a more authentic experience, no matter where they choose to go.

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