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New Kayaking Waterway at Parrot Cay by COMO in the Turks and Caicos

By Michelle Robertson

From November, guests at Parrot Cay by COMO, our award-winning resort in the Turks and Caicos, will be able to enjoy a new form of adventure with the opening of the "Bonny Creek" Kayaking Waterway, stretching two-and-a-half miles through the island's wetlands, providing a close-up look at the island's rich ecosystem.


Beginning at the South Dock of Parrot Cay, guests can enjoy an up-close encounter with the extraordinary flora and fauna among the mangroves. Creatures include leatherback sea turtles, bonefish and nurse sharks, as well as ospreys, yellow-crowned herons and brown pelicans — the national bird of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The new waterway at Parrot Cay is the result of a five-year project initiated by a group of four summer interns (all regular guests on the island since childhood) who volunteered to clear overgrown sections of the waterway. The group also helped to build and develop the island's one-mile 'Plantation Run' through Parrot Cay's banana plantation which is now the largest in the Turks and Caicos Islands and has no mechanical traffic.

Inspired by the young men's efforts towards developing a renewed natural habitat, COMO has created the Pathfinder awards. This program honours those who make a significant contribution towards improving the island's environment. Carlos Arrizurieta, Alex Grapstein, Thomas Bidwell Walker IV and Daniel Antman — the four interns — were presented with the inaugural Pathfinder Awards last month.

"These four individuals have shown a remarkable resilience and passion toward making our island more sustainable and preserving the natural environment," said Crawford Sherman, Managing Director at Parrot Cay by COMO. "The newly developed Plantation Run and kayaking waterway are tremendous achievements by our first Pathfinder Award recipients and are both considered to be the first of their kind in the region."

The waterway will eventually be used to offer guests a variety of outdoor experiences, such as an educational 'eco tour' and a paddle board workout program. There will also be torch-lit Champagne kayak excursion, aimed at couples looking for an alternative Parrot Cay memory. Each activity will maintain an environmentally friendly ethos, with no mechanical vessels. Parrot Cay has teamed up with Big Blue, the preeminent Turks and Caicos-based adventure company, to run waterway trips.

Kayaking trips along the waterway complement the existing water-based activities offered at Parrot Cay, which includes sailing, sea kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkeling. From November, the working banana and coconut plantation will also feature two Plantation Museums – dedicated to the education on the importance that these two fruits play in the world. These museums will exist alongside Parrot Cay's popular "Plant and Name a Coconut Tree" program. Play by COMO, the fun and learning experience for children, will be launched in 2016 at the resort.

The new "Bonny Creek" Kayaking Waterway at Parrot Cay by COMO is scheduled to open in November 2015 and is named after Anne Bonny, the female pirate who was known for her hideaway on the island (then called 'Pirate Cay') when its was first discovered.

For more information on Parrot Cay by COMO, please visit