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Distinctive Furniture of Fogo Island Inn now available through Klaus by Nienkämper across Canada and around the world

By Hannah Siklos

Fogo Island Inn and Fogo Island Shop in Newfoundland Canada, have partnered with Klaus by Nienkämper, Canada's longest-running design showroom, to bring Canadian and international distribution to the distinctive line of furniture and accessories of Fogo Island Inn. The collection is now available from the Toronto showroom for shipping anywhere in the world.



Fogo Island Inn, designed by architect Todd Saunders has received multiple prestigious international design and tourism awards since opening in June 2013.

Its interior furnishings and accessories—everything from side tables to dining chairs, to sconces and hangers—were custom designed by internationally lauded designers from Canada and Europe. The designers travelled to Fogo Island between 2010 and 2013 to immerse themselves in the island's unique culture and to familiarize themselves with its traditional culture, motifs, materials and craftsmanship. They worked closely with skilled local artisans to create contemporary pieces that draw on familiar, handmade forms.

Until now, these pieces were only available to visitors to Fogo Island through the Inn. In forming a retail partnership with Klaus, the recently established workshop known now as the Fogo Island Shop, will be able to meet a wider demand for these handmade items. This demand has been fueled in part by guests' firsthand experience of the beautiful objects in the suites and public spaces at Fogo Island Inn, and in part by international media coverage about the Inn.


Drawing inspiration from the traditional wooden "punt" fishing boats of Fogo Island, the Punt Chair deeply reflects local boat-building techniques, materials, and design. The Punt's bent legs are not cut or carved by a millworker. Rather, the curve is from the natural bend in the trunk of the windswept tamarack trees (locally known as juniper). The trees have a limited harvesting season in late fall, and so the chair can take up to year to produce, making the Punt a rare collector's item. Punt Chair Video
Designed by Elaine Fortin, Quebec

The Get-Your-Feet-Up, is a settee-like piece featuring split wooden spindles, with seating angled for comfort.
Designed by Ineke Hans, Netherlands

From the same family, the Long Bench offers a simpler, flat seat and arms wide enough to accommodate a mug of coffee or a glass of wine.
Designed by Ineke Hans, Netherlands

The Bertha is an exposed plank armchair with wool cushions that evokes the warmth of the Island's wooden boats and home interiors.
Designed by Donna Wilson, England

Created from a single piece of wood board, the Puppy is an ingenious side table. The pattern cutout from one of the cast off sides serves as a leg on the other. Also available as a bench. Puppy Table Video
Designed by Nick Herder, Fogo Island

Beautifully simple, the Snake Cushion is handmade from the tiniest scraps of wool yarn. It brings a splash of comfort and colour to any chair.
Designed by The Guild, Fogo Island

Fogo Island Inn is operated by a trust whose beneficiary is the Shorefast Foundation, a federally registered charity of Canada. The mandate of Shorefast is the cultural and economic wellbeing of the local community.

The furniture and accessories are made on Fogo Island and sales contribute to the Shorefast Foundation's social-enterprise business model. Surpluses from both the Inn and Fogo Island Shop will be reinvested by the Foundation back into Fogo Island and Change Islands, supporting the wellbeing of one of Canada's oldest rural communities.

Zita Cobb, President of Shorefast Foundation and founding Innkeeper says: "Beyond function and ecological responsibility, furniture is an opportunity to add meaning and joy to our lives. These handmade objects carry the care, craft and culture of the makers, the vision of the designers and the dreams and stories of an island."

"These unique pieces have all the hallmarks of truly contemporary heritage pieces," says Klaus Nienkämper. "What attracted me to this collection was the concept of these skilled craftsmen, essentially boat builders, expertly crafting furniture from their native materials. It's exciting to be able to bring this furniture folklore to life and to the presence of our design world."

Fogo Island Inn sits on an Island, off an Island, off one of the four corners of the earth. The Inn's foundations are the principles of sustainability and respect for nature and culture. Each of its 29 one-of-a-kind guest suites has dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto the wildest and most powerful oceans on the planet. Guests can watch the waves break on the rocks, less than 100 feet away from their beds. Most suites have a wood-burning fireplace stove and all are furnished with quiet luxuries, furniture and quilts, handmade on the Island.

Select items from the collection can now be viewed online at Klaus and ordered by contacting Klaus by phone +1-416-362-3434 or email moc.nsualk@2sualk, and shipped worldwide.